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In 2002, the Ovita consortium was formed with the intention of increasing New Zealand sheep growers' productivity and profitability. Ovita is a partnership between Beef + Lamb New Zealand, AgResearch and government, who together fund research into sheep genomics. Technology developed by Ovita is a result of New Zealand farmer investment in Beef and Lamb New Zealand and Ovita. Ovita develops sheep genetic selection tools to enable farmers to make choices that will best meet the demands required of them - be they geographical, environmental or market driven.




Newslatest press releases

25 Apr 2012Cool science, clever easy-to-use technology

The new technology phase will reduce the gene discovery process from 10 years to potentially 18 months, revolutionising the generation of DNA marker predictions for key economic traits. Read more

25 Apr 2012Genetic selection tools

Genetic selection tools help to realise the productive potential of our animals. Read more

25 Apr 2012Technology that "makes the boat go faster"

The key to making progress, both as an individual farmer and for the overall industry, is to invest in technology that "makes the boat go faster." Read more

25 Apr 2012Ovita's Lamb Survival Programme

One of the Ovita-funded research projects that continues to attract considerable support from farmers New Zealand-wide is its Lamb Survival Programme. Read more

25 Apr 2012The genomic puzzle of sheep production

Ovita's research programme is about piecing together the pieces of the genomic puzzle that affect sheep production. Read more

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