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Ovita's goal is to support the sheep industry in developing biological tools to enable farmers to make selection choices that best meet their goals - be they geographical, environmental or market driven.

Ovita is a consortium consisting of two partners, AgResearch Ltd and Beef + Lamb New Zealand. Our key focus is in genomics, an area in which we have world-leading expertise.

Catapult Genetics, a former Ovita business unit, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary focusing on Sheep and Cattle DNA testing technologies. Catapult Genetics has now become Pfizer Animal Genetics. Pfizer Animal Genetics is a commercialisation partner for Ovita developed technology.

Key points:

  • We are focused on industry-good sheep genomics
  • AgResearch is the lead provider of research services to Ovita
  • The technology developed by Ovita is a result of New Zealand farmer investment in Beef + Lamb New Zealand and Ovita.

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