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Ovita® has created several advisory groups to provide expert analysis and advice. The information these reference groups provide is critical to strategic planning and in the implementation of both research and the commercialisation of products.

Science Advisory Group (SAG) & Advisors

The Ovita® SAG consists of external senior scientists and research managers from around the world.  With the restructuring of Ovita®, a new SAG was formed to provide the best scientific review panel for Ovita's® Research and Development programme.

The group has been established to:

  • Provide Ovita® with assistance in the development and implementation of scientific and commercial strategy
  • Assist management with setting and assessing strategic direction
  • Help assess and resolve strategic issues
  • Assist in the evaluation of various aspects of Ovita's® Research and Development programme

Industry Issues Working Group (IIWG)

The Ovita® IIWG consists of leading farmers, stud breeders and industry players from the New Zealand sheep industry.

The purpose of the IIWG is to:

  • Draw upon members' experience of the practical issues of farming and provide Ovita® with informed opinions on industry needs and how Ovita's programme can best match these needs
  • Keep abreast of developments in the sheep industry by maintaining close contact with individuals and organisations that are active in the sheep industry's research and development
  • Provide a sounding board for scientists, so they can have their programmes reviewed by people who will ultimately apply and/or benefit from research outcomes
  • Provide an industry link between Ovita® and Pfizer Animal Genetics commercialisation strategies.

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