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Ovita's research and development (R&D) and commercialisation programmes are underpinned by expertise in sheep genomics, biology and physiology

Ovita owns proprietary scientific resources including animal phenotype and sequence databases and unique animal models.  These resources have enabled Ovita to develop and commercialise intellectual property (IP) covering mechanisms controlling key processes involved in parasites, disease, meat yield and product optimisation.

Research is outsourced to specialist research providers with unique research capabilities, of which AgResearch is the lead provider of R&D services to Ovita. 

All Ovita investments are made on the basis of the achievement of set research milestones.  Progress against milestones and the relevance of future milestones are regularly reviewed to confirm scientific credibility, industry relevance, intellectual property capture and commercial viability.

Our R&D program is built on harnessing synergies between Ovita's strong IP base and the distinct core capabilities of its research and commercialisation partners.


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