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Ovita is on the cusp of a transformational technology change with our investment into the development of a 50k SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) chip.  A single SNP acts as a marker to locate a gene in a DNA sequence.  A SNP chip can identify many thousands of individual genes for a single animal.  When markers are dense enough, they can be used as direct proxies for the variants affecting production, eliminating the need for parentage information.  The predictions they produce are as accurate as those for a progeny-tested sire.  These chips are expected to revolutionise the ability to generate DNA marker predictions for key economic traits.  This development will change the face of animal selection and breeding.  Currently, progeny tests offer the best predictor of an individual's performance.  SNP chips will provide the same information on the sire - from a simple blood sample at birth.

For more detailed information on the SNP chip click here.


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