Weaning Weight (direct)

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Ovita Trait Prioritisation

Direct weaning weight was ranked tenth in the Ovita Traits Prioritisation process. Increasing weaning weight results in fewer days being required to finish the lamb and therefore fewer days of maintenance energy requirements. The estimated value of a 10% increase in weaning weight is equivalent to $85 million per annum.



Genomic breeding values (gBVs) were released for weaning weight (direct) in 2010. These gBVs are relevant for Romney, Perendale and Coopworth breeds only.

How can you help?

To continue updating gBVs in Romney, Perendales and Coopworths we need more sire DNA from these breeds. We also need sire DNA from Texel and composite SIL flocks to produce weaning weight (direct) gBVs for these breeds. Any breeders interested in contributing please contact John McEwan john.mcewan@agresearch.co.nz or Lucie Archer lucie.archer@agresearch.co.nz.

Genetic Tests

There are currently no specific genetic tests for weaning weight (direct).


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